St. Xavier’s World School for Girls envisions an education system that is based on inspiration and innovation, that kindles the dormant talents of it’s students. St. Xavier’s World School for Girls is an institution dedicated to the perpetuation of excellence. Here, learning to be a dignified winner and a gracious loser on the games field is given as much importance as a lesson learnt in class; sometimes more. At St. Xavier’s World School for Girls, pedantic knowledge falls a little short of the holistic education which the teachers endeavor to impart. It becomes fortunate to study in a place where a democratic and liberal outlook is encouraged and appreciated. As educated Indians, females are habitual of being part of a privileged minority and are taught to retain and be proud of our heritage and ethos.

A small girl enters St. Xavier’s World School for Girls as a child and leaves it a young woman bolstered by her awareness of herself and her determination to make a difference in this world. That is the reason we have as our school motto- “To create leaders among them for Generation Next”- the fruits of education must be bequeathed to the service and support of the underprivileged female members of the society. Hence, community service forms an integral part of the school curriculum.

In the end St. Xavier’s World School for Girls passes on a legacy to each of its students- the gift of self-discovery. It is this legacy that emboldens an Xavierian  to go forth and perform on the stage of her world.

St. Xavier’s world School for Girls : Established on 1st April 2016 is driving academic excellence by imbibing a love for lifelong learning and enthusiasm for exploring, so each lesson is enjoyed and our girls are future ready. With a streamlined focus on overall development, our girls are taught to live with a sense of compassion, integrity and wisdom to be the leaders of tomorrow.


A SECULAR SPACE: The school brings together girls from varied backgrounds and socially diverse groups and instils in them a belief so strong that they learn to appreciate this diversity and become appreciative of one another.


We celebrate not our riches or the number of campuses we have across the state, but the inherent spirit of a school that has imbued its students with a love for independent thinking and right action. We have the ability to walk down paths that many others may fear to tread, with the confidence to take initiative and to carry others along.


Fee Regulation Act 2018

MODIFIED (COMPARITIVE) FEE CHART Based on formula of 5% +CPI (education) as envisaged in                                                                                                                            The Uttar Pradesh Self Financed Independent Schools (Fixation of Fees) Ordinance 2018
CLASSES              2018-19 2018-19
2017-18 CPI (edu) 4.46 + 5%
BASE YEAR    FEES % CHANGE Total change Fees modified Final %
Pre Nursary 28600 28600 31305.56 2705.56
Nursary 28600 28600 31305.56 2705.56
LKG 28600 28600 31305.56 2705.56
UKG 28600 28600 31305.56 2705.56
1 33800 33300 36997.48 3697.48
2 33800 33300 36997.48 3697.48
3 35100 38100 38420.46 320.46
4 35100 38100 38420.46 320.46
5 35100 38100 38420.46 320.46
6 39300 42900 43017.78 117.78
7 39300 42900 43017.78 117.78
8 39300 42900 43017.78 117.78
9 44700 42900 48928.62 6028.62
10 44700 48900 48928.62 28.62
11 Commerce 55500 60300 60750.3 450.3
11 Science 58500 63900 64034.1 134.1
12 Commerce 55500 60300 60750.3 450.3
12 Science 58500 63900 64034.1 134.1