The school has an extremely qualified and committed faculty. In fact, the already recruited staff has had exposure to international educational systems in India and abroad. They are trained in the activity-based learning and teaching method. In addition, lesson planning, classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are under constant supervision of the Principal himself who believes that the quality of teaching and learning must be of the highest order day-by-day, hour-by-hour and lesson-by-lesson. The school is also committed to staff development through a wide range of on-going in-service programmes and workshops, which cover not only academics and pedagogy but also areas such as psychological counseling, personality development and career counseling. The staff and student ratio is 1:15. Hence each child receives individual attention and feels comfortable to approach teachers for help in and out of class. We like children to enjoy their vacations. That’s why holiday assignment is in the form of projects/review of any article or book etc. to be done under parental guidance. Residential Staff Essential staff is accommodated on the campus in residential quarters. Besides, the hostel staff is accommodated in specially allocated semi-furnished quarters, so that they are available round the clock. Where Every Staff is Hand-Picked At St. Xavier’s, we are very particular about the people who interact with and take care of our children. That’s why we ensure that everyone who works here is thoroughly verified. We have a complete record of their past and the present. What’s more, we also ensure that access to certain key facilities is limited only to female employees/staff.