A Long Tradition

He loved his family and made every possible effort to make their lives comfortable and progressive. Sh. Nageen Chand Jain worked hard with little means to earn his livelihood.

Sh. Nageen Chand Jain- a visionary, thus vowed to impart education to all- to the neediest to the needy-irrespective of class, caste, religion and creed.

His pragmatism urged him to venture forward dauntlessly, dreaming to achieve something for future generation, and so he setup a publication house Nageen Prakashan, in Meerut U.P. 44 years back in 1965. Thus came into existence, the books that changed many lives by enabling them to confidently take up IIT, Medical, IAS, PCS and other competitive examinatios.

In 2005, Sh. Nageen Chand Jain along with his son Sh. Vishal Jain laid the foundation of St. Xavier’s World School for Girls to impart RIGHT education to the future generation, a school with highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art infrastructure which is unmatched in the vicinity of Meerut.

Vishal Jain is also a shadow of his father, a young educator and Various national Award winner, Director,St. Xavier’s World School for Girls  Meerut, Chief Editor and CEO “School of Educators”, Managing Director Leo C.H.C. Pvt. Ltd. ( An ISO 9001 company developing School Management software ), Consultant for various schools and expert on Multiple Intelligence and other school management related skills.

Under his efficient leadership St. Xavier’s World School for Girls is working to achieve the following goals :

  • To bring about holistic development in each student so that each student not only becomes a leader in his/her professional life but learns to beautifully strike a balance between his/her personal and professional life.
  • To make St. Xavier’s World School for Girls , a continuously evolving and learning community of empowered young minds and staff by creating synergy through mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts.
  • To create empowered global citizens who think creatively and literally; citizens who think beyond the regular and citizens who are self-motivated and self-directed.
  • To impart world class education by providing a balance of academic, athletic, artistic and social opportunities thereby encouraging the student to lift his/her aspirations to the highest level of capabilities and interests.
  • To create a safe and supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences.
  • To create new benchmarks in the field of value based education that blends modern outlook with a rich value system.