House System

  1. PRITHVI                    2. JAL              3VAYU                  4. AKASH
    are the four dedicated Houses for our girl students framed for the purpose of Inter House Competitions, Assembly & Meets. Each student of the school has been allotted one of these houses.
  2. Each of the Houses will be headed by a House Master/ Mistress. The role of the House Master/Mistress will be to Prepare and guide the students for Inter house Activities.
  3. The teacher-in-charge of various academic clubs and societies will help prepare and train all students of the school for the different inter houses activities in a totally impartial an unbiased manner. The teacher-in-charge should aim at training and helping the students to achieve to the maximum of her ability for the benefit of the school and the individual. Inter house competitions are meant to generate Positive and healthy competitive spirit in students and should not in any way lead to unhealthy rivalries and jealousies amongst students and teachers. Similarly, for the sports and games, the sports department of the school will help and train all students in various disciplines.
  4. All inter house activities are student oriented with an idea that the students attempt on their own with help and guidance from any teacher irrespective of her house affiliation.
  5. All teachers of the school, barring Principal, the administrative staff and activity in-charge, will be affiliated to one of the four Houses.
  6. Each House will have two girl students as office bearers i.e. each house will have a captain and a vice-captain. St. Xavier’s World School is a Day School and is an equal opportunity school.
  7. In addition to this the school will have a Games Caption and Activities Caption.
  8. Out of this main Professional Body, the principal will choose two students to be designated as Head Girl and Vice Head Girl of the school.
  9. Inputs of students’ Peer Group, Juniors and teachers will be taken but the appointments will be made by SMT. However due representation and weight age will be given to students wishes.
  10. Please check the school calendar every day and ensure your child participates in every activity for her holistic growth.