Our Approach

At the St. Xavier’s World School’s we encourage inquiry based, project based and experiential learning in alignment with the constructivist approach recommended by National Curriculum Framework 2005 and CBSE board.

Emphasis is placed on learning by asking questions, problem solving and through application. This is reinforced through curriculum related trips, workshops, seminars and films. Learning is not achieved in isolation. Authentic experiences and real life examples are embedded into the syllabus in all the domains allowing for deep learning and engaging classrooms. The focus is on working towards making all learners independent and ultimately able to charge of their learning.

We make strenuous effort to make every child a light of the world by inculcating the values of hard work, good
manners, self-discipline and spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Academic
excellence is only one of the goals.We teach commitment to service.

We develop a sense of public spirit, social responsibility and respect for others, as well as an awareness of one’s own self-worth and uniqueness. Our education revolves around the twin poles of Godliness and Globalism.

Children are helped to see themselves both as Citizens of India and also as World Citizens. The whole world is their home and they are equipped with the attitudes to work successfully in the global labour market in any country world wide.