Primary Wing

Empowering Primary Years

Strong Academics — Empowering Primary Years

Goals 3C’s • Confidence • Competency in the Core Subjects • Caring and Compassion

 Our mission is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers primary aged children and develops their self-confidence and competency in the core subjects.

We seek to create a stimulating learning environment that both supports and challenges the individual child. As they grow, children develop the qualities of hard work, good manners and self-discipline. Most importantly, they come out as self assured and confident.

  • Developing Mathematical and Scientific knowledge & skills
  • Developing an effective and imaginative use of language through English Labs
  • Advanced computer labs for improving academic ability

Events for the Primary:

  •  Inter-campus Literary Fests
  •  Model Class Presentations
  •  Grand Parents Evenings
  • Participation in Cultural Programmes
  • Arts & Crafts / Open Days
  • Annual Sports Days

Stimulating Environment — Academic excellence is at the heart of what we do