Smart Class

St. Xavier’s, is not only an educational place but a house full of technologies, which are used in each and every field of education. Smart class is a technology oriented electronic learning that has an ability and speciality. Today’s generation is more techno savvy and smart class makes learning simple and retention higher. Through Smart Class, learning becomes interesting. Smart class is the best way to synchronize the study of Content material with visuals, Colours, music and movement.

St. Xavier’s are techno savvy, they all love to operate work with Computer right from class Nursery to higher grades. All the students are familiar with Computer, St. Xavier’s is having a well equipped computer lab in which students use not only desktops but laptops also. Students know how to create animations, presentations, movies and many more. They are using many graphical and multimedia software like Corel draw, Photoshop, Flash to make their professional base strong. In St. Xavier’s, not only students but teachers are also techno savvy. We are using smart classes to teach the students which is well equipped with Plasma T.V. and Interactive boards. Teachers are also using a fully automated software for making report cards, giving remarks to the students etc. St. Xavier’s students are also learning how to make the Robots and programme them.