Teaching Pedagogy

The school focuses on Anywhere Anytime learning. English is the medium of instruction and is taught as the first language.  Sincere efforts are made to ensure that each student reaches a high standard in english Language. Special English (ESL) classes offered to all new admissions to enable them to speak fluently in English.

Activity based, experiential learning is facilitated across all classes. Every student participates and contributes to the multimedia Inter Curriculum Class Presentation in every term; whereby students are encouraged to think laterally and link the topic from their curriculum with other relevant subjects .The students undertake regular projects both online and offline which helps them develop ‘out of the box’ thinking.

The students are regularly taken for various educational excursions in town and even outstation (both National and International) for learning from firsthand experiences. The pedagogy is contemporary and serves as the best preparation for further studies in the finest universities of the world.