Mission & Core Values

We are committed to an exceptional School which will make a difference. The graduates of our School will be cognizant, sensitive, reflective and participative individuals who, taking pride in themselves and the nation, impact and influence a changing society with confidence and creativity.

  • From ‘Pencil Paper Skills’ to ‘Analytical Skills’
  • From ‘Mirror-Species’ to ‘Think Tanks’
  • From ‘Information’ to ‘Transformation’

We strive to create component, confident and self reliant future-netizens.


Our Vision:

To create a safe and supportive environment that involves each student in a wide range of learning experiences. To bring about holistic development in each student and make her ‘Sarva Gunn Sampan’ so that she not only becomes a leader in  her professional life but learns to beautifully strike a balance between her personal  and professional life. To make St. Xavier’s World School for Girls a continuously evolving and learning community of empowered young minds and staff, by creating synergy through a mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts.

To create empowered global citizens who think creatively and laterally; citizens who think beyond the regular and citizens who are self-motivated and self-directed. To impart world class education by providing a balance of academic, athletic, artistic and social opportunities, thereby encouraging the student to lift her aspirations to the highest level of capabilities and interests. To create new benchmarks in the field of value-based education, that blends a modern outlook with a rich value system.

Our Motto: The fulfillment of education Is to bring peace to the suffering. While inculcating the best of Indian culture and tradition in its students, the School aims at developing in them a sense of discipline and a spirit of service and fair play.

The School’s motto of ‘Honour, Discipline, Integrity’ are the virtues that imbibe holistic development  ‘Sarva Gunn Sampann’ to become ideal global citizens.

Honour : The students should lead honourable lives and hold their heads high with dignity in society .The society should look up to them as role models.
Discipline: Discipline forms the bedrock of progress in every sphere of life.
Integrity: With high moral values imparted to them at School they inculcate the  quality of Integrity, thus enriching the lives around them.