Why St. Xavier’s

  • State of the Art Academic Curriculum: Curriculum itself focus on over all development of child instead of merely passing the exam.
  • Hobbies :
    a)  12 hobbies- students will be trained : included Music, Dance, Carpentry, Robotics, Electronics, Gardening, Foreign language, Painting ,cooking, statue making,  Photography,
  • Sports : 
    a)  Sport Stadium
    b)  Best Coaches
    c)  Activities classes/ facility : included Swimming, Football, Basket Ball, Athletics, Cricket, Snooker, Squash Pool/ Billiards, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis , Baseball, Tae Kwando, Horse Riding, Golf, Gymnastics, Skating, Yoga, Hockey, Boating, Judo, Karate, Shooting, Aerobics, Badminton, Chess, Carom, Adventure Sports, Zoo.
  • Well Trained, Qualified & Experienced Faculty
  • Multiple Intelligence Curriculum : Every Type of Student included like- interpersonal, in sports music etc.
  • Personal Attention: Can be quantified by Student teacher ratio is 1:15.
  • High End Technology: Use of Smart classes, Electronic Boards, Audio-Visual aids and electronic hand held’s to each student.
  • Skill Development: Curriculum mandates to go through all the skill be it art, music or sports and excel in one.
  • Flexibility of Timings: Depending on choice child can a day scholar, opt for day boarding or hosteler.
  • No to Tuition’s: With small class size, Personal Attention, Best Curriculum absolute no need for getting tuition’s.
  • World Class Sports Infrastructure: Infrastructure for every sports, best full time coaches.
  • SMS Services : A close interaction between the parent body and the school plays the vital role for the overall development of students, for which the St. Xavier’s  has started SMS service. The School looks forward to a greater and more meaningful interaction with the parents through this SMS Services.
  • Remark System : Schools all over are only interested in admitting the brightest of students. But in the city of joy one school i.e. St. Xavier’s  is all set to buck the trend by turning admitted failure into success. One of the main important idea of school is Remark System. At St. Xavier’s  the students are judged based on their performance in school campus. If a child is doing something positive, she gets + remark with positive numbers. On the other hand, if a child is doing something negative in school campus, she gets -ve remark with negative numbers. The situation of getting positive remarks are attentive in class, good handwriting, taking part in co-curricular activities etc. The situation of getting negative remarks are : indiscipline in school, not regular in school, incomplete work etc. After analyzing a student for a week, it is announced on Saturday, who is STAR OF THE WEEK, on the basis of getting positive remarks.